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Transfer Course Equivalencies

Course equivalents are provided as a reference and are subject to change upon official evaluation by the appropriate department.
Please refer to the University's Catalog for specific guidelines regarding transfer credit.

From To Georgia Southern University
Subject Course Course Title GS Subject GS Course* GS Course Title GS Credits GS Attributes GS Comments GS Effective Term

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* Georgia Southern does not have an equivalent course or the academic department may need additional information to evaluate the course.

Attributes are codes that place courses into degree program areas. Attributes are mostly used in the core curriculum of undergraduate programs (i.e. Area A, B, C, D, E, etc. of the Core Curriculum). If there is not an attribute code next to a course, it is possible the course will not count towards your degree at Georgia Southern. For additional information, review the Registrar's CORE attributes document.

Courses that transfer as General Electives will be indicated here.

Effective Term is the minimum term the Georgia Southern course is equated. If there is more than one row for a transfer course be sure to reference the correct Georgia Southern course for the term you took the course at the transfer instituion.

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